Monday, October 14, 2013

VEGA Continues,..but...10.14.13

The new all-in VEGA model was on the right side of the market at the close although at the open with the DOW at -80 it sure didn't seem like it was going to pan out that way.
The markets are still being whipsawed by the inability to get a long term funding and debt ceiling program and, bottom line, anything they come up with will likely be a last minute knuckle biter that will only produce a temporary fix for the current fiscal dilemma.

Looking at the VEGA results a little closer we should be concerned by XIV's continued ranking in slot 6 and thus displaying the slowest momentum.
Of further concern is the reversal of the 2 day ALERT and the little hook top on the 30 day TRENDX chart. 
The markets are currently overbought by most technical standards and although many are expecting a super rally when a funding package is finally approved we may have in fact already seen that rally in the past 4 trading days. 
We're due for a pullback.