Monday, June 15, 2015

Looks like Last Week + 10 Year Results for 3 Day Low Model....06.15.15

Another Trap Door at the open dropped the SPY to the S3 pivot and it could have gotten really bad from there but the markets rallied (kind of) to finish at a dismal S2.  Selling was once again linked to the breakdown in the Greek negotiations and that's still a black hole of worry for the macro-economic traders. (see daily 3 minute bar chart below)
Also, further on down the page here's what the 3 day low model looks like after 10 years.  These are weekly bars and the model is exactly based on 3 day lows, but something similar ( 5 day lows). The model adjusts positions at Tuesday's open.  What's attractive about this version it that you only trade one a week and the drawdowns are stellar when compared with the raw SPY metrics. The 99% RSQ is the best I've seen yet.  We use a 1.5% limit stop per week, and that also helps the bottom line.