Monday, December 21, 2015

Barron's 2016 Small Cap Picks via M11....12.21.15

I'm always looking for an honest man and a good stock. Here's Barron's top 10 small cap stock picks for 2016 and I've run them through M11 (momentum mode) to see how they would have performed last year.....turns out a lot better than SPY using a top 2 sort.  Once again...past performance is no guarantee of future returns but its easy to see that a balanced buy and hold portfolio of those stocks last year would have produced dismal if not downright frightening results.
Let's put this list on our M11 radar screen and we'll periodically check back for quarterly updates.
PS...I'm not a shill for Barrons and pay for my subscription.  I do get a lot of requests from users on possible M11 portfolios and this is just an idea for your consideration.