Tuesday, December 8, 2015

MoPo forecasts updated for this week's VXX and VIX (not the XIV)....12.08.15

As mentioned yesterday here are the new MoPo forecasts for the VIX index and VXX.
Note the attached VDX chart for the VIX also.  The volume toggle has been turned off on the VIX as there is no volume, only open interest, which cannot be tracked by by the VDX.
Time is limited today as I'm on the road and  M3 Insight will be early but tomorrow we'll consider the variations between last week's and this week's volatility MoPo forecasts.
Thursday we'll look at how Barron's 2015 top 10 stocks fared for the year and how M11 could have provided a much more attractive result using a top 2 filter..