Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Some Resources for M11 Users....12.23.15

Many M11 users ask about portfolio ideas.  Here are a couple ideas and links.
First the entire ETF universe compliments of my hedge fund buddies at State Street..
This is intended for professional clients but if you link up you may find a variety of useful tools.
Then there's always  Finance.Yahoo. com.  If you type in the symbol for a sector ETF like XLE or XLU. etc... in the left margin you will see a variety of info topics including "Holdings".  If you tap that link you will see the top 10 stock positions in that ETF.  Loading those top 10 inputs into M11 with the sector ETF (XLE, XLU, etc.) as the benchmark can often provide an easy way to outperform the aggregate ETF. Keep in mind that you have to be aware of the stocks' beta values to set realistic stops and once again the Yahoo finance page lists the current beta along with the current quote info.
The XLU version of this strategy with a top 2 sort is shown on screen to enlarge.