Monday, May 23, 2016

MVP Short Studies and Traders Outlook....05.23.16

Its the usual nutso followup to options expiration with the VIX, TLT and SPY all green at the open.   This is, of course, not sustainable and 2 hours in SPY and TLT have turned red and the NYAD has fallen suddenly to .87...well off the 1.60 high.
Here's Trader's Outlook for this week, suggesting a bearish bias.
AAPL is the star of the day after advising suppliers to ramp up for a major increase in i7 orders.
As promised over the weekend here are 2 MVP studies focused on the short side, SDS and QID.. inverse X2 ETFs for SPY and QQQ.. The time exposure is quite low in each case and as always the yellow arrows highlight situation where a trailing stop would have preserved previous gains.