Monday, June 27, 2016

BB Indicators SIgnal Likely Turn...06.27.16

The Bollinger Band Indicator is now fully overextended by 2 standard deviations on our 3 input study group...SPY, VIX and TLT (130 minute bar charts shown below) and the odds for a imminent bullish move are increasing. TLT did hit a new all time high today jumping a whopping 2.5% to close at 139.50.  The proverbial Turnaround Tuesday is upon us tomorrow although the markets remain skittish in the face of uncertainty over what the BREXIT will actually mean.  If you were positioned on the wrong side of the BREXIT vote you are not alone.  George Soros who made a cool $ billion dollars in 1992 and broke the Bank of England in the process was in the BREMAIN camp, but he's still got a few billions laying around to recover down the road..