Thursday, June 9, 2016

Views of Market Direction...06.09.16

First of all I have to hand it to  this guy...if he makes it work he'll be richer than Carlos Slim in no time.  Sure wish I'd figured this out a few years ago but I actually believe there are still some nuance arbitrage opportunities for the little guy using this strategy if you've got the time and energy... and you don't need a $350,000 computer. More on this later..
Here's are a couple charts from my pals at State Street as the market mood turns cautious. The buzz today was regarding Soros's bearish moves, which we actually highlighted last week and which apparently every trader and his brother was already well aware of..  The little guy is always the last to know....which means you probably missed the institutional rally in GLD and GDX the past week.
To highlight the bizarre behavior of the current market the last chart shows the recent trend of the SPX versus VIX...both are up.