Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The State of EFA..06.22.16

Continuing the countdown to the BREXIT vote on the 23rd EFA is maintaining positive momentum.
Looking at the chart today it looks like a gap down but this reflects the semi-annual ex-div today of $.51, which makes it appear that ETF is down when in fact its up.
The current thinking is that the odds are stacked with the Remain camp and EFA has been moving accordingly.  IF that choice prevails the previously anticipated major jump in the Euro related equities may be more tepid since much of the pop has already been priced in.
If the BREXIT succeeds then there will be a much more volatile outcome.
US traders should know the BREXIT outcome approx. 4 AM PST on Friday
In the meantime here are the 130 minute  and daily bar Bollinger band charts of the EFA indicating that the action could go either way.