Monday, August 29, 2016

More MVP Setups....08.29.16

The bullish edge for the markets predicted this weekend has materialized so far and and with modestly increasing volume,  which is a reinforcing signal. TLT has gone from oversold to overbought in a single day and is once again poised at the upper Bollinger Band reversal threshold.
Odds are high this trend will continue to Labor Day.
MVP availability kicked off this weekend and for the next couple weeks will be the topic of  our discussions.  We're containing to build a library of high probability setups and have a suite of foreign based F and E series ETFs that will be profiled tomorrow> FXE, FXI, EFA, EEM, EWJ. .... all big volume movers (except FXE) that offer attractive risk/reward profiles when compared to many US based ETFs.  For now, here are the XLI (SPDR Industrials) and IWM (Russell 2000) VPM momentum models with the volatility filter turned on.
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