Tuesday, August 23, 2016

PONZO Updates and Free Housing Opportunities For You...08.23.16

With short term odds favoring the bulls according to the Traders Almanac (thru Labor Day) here's the latest Ponzo forecasts. This bull skew is reflected in the SPY forecast despite September's penchant for being the worst performing month of the year. Both VIX and TLT  aren't giving us a lot to work with short term although both have new near term outlier scenarios that run out several standard deviations. Note that the timeline for the VIX pop corresponds with the SPY crumble...just something to keep in mind.
Now I know most of my readers lead fairly comfortable lives but if you're the ambitious type or maybe have kids that are looking to make their mark in the world here's a great new opportunity in urban homesteading in the beautiful heartland of America and the home of MoTown to boot.
I actually lived in Flint, Michigan for 18 months when I was attending GMI engineering school.
That was in 1963 (yes, I'm old) and Flint and Detroit were vibrant cities then, full employment, little crime, good black/white relations and everyone had at least 2 cars in their garage or driveway (all American made if you wanted to stay healthy). That ain't the way it s now....