Friday, August 12, 2016

More TLT Perspectives .....Part 3....08.12.16

Hard to fathom this TLT volatility but there it is.  Our forecast yesterday for an impending bump in TLT kicked off today with a vengeance and in one day the technicals have attained and bounced off overbought status based on the 130 minute bar chart Bollinger Band study as shown below.
For further insight into the TLT cycles I've posted the M Basket study of TLT.  While not exhaustive, I've posted the most relevant templates to show how the signals perform. TLT is one of the most reliable mean regression skewed ETFs in my sample basket and the signal correlations have proven highly reliable. Note that these screen shots were of yesterday's close and despite the day's weakness all models forecast a vested position in TLT today.