Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Some Trading Alterbatives....08.31.16

Last day of the month and the markets are nervous.  If we don't see a bounce tomorrow that could be an omen of more downside to come.
As part of the MVP rollout we've been developing a portfolio of  trading alternatives focused on the on the foreign markets, where volatility is actually more predictable in many instances.
Currency trading is generally something stock traders don't latch onto but our goal is to trade what works and where risk can be identified and managed and from that perspective the recently developed MVP country and currency ETFs could provide a useful complement to US based ETF index trading. Not all currencies work well...the Canadian dollar, the British pound and the Brazilian real do not respond to MVP analytics and the Swiss franc does so only marginally.
However. those currencies that do respond to MVP analysis are worth noting.
We're also analyzing various country based ETFs for the same technical reliability and EEM (Emerging markets) stands out as a clear winner.  Huge daily volume, a robust option chain and narrow spreads.make EEM an ETF to keep an eye on.