Wednesday, February 27, 2013

AB Update...2.27.13

This is the final posting of the variable AB model...going forward we'll focus on the T6 Lab models, which are much more dynamic, have embedded risk controls, and which can be utilized for either short term or longer term portfolios.
Just for comparison sake here are the AB portfolios in both formats and it's easy to see that the T6 lab offers much more oversight ability and closer scrutiny of the model components.  The RM version of AB has failed
to respond effectively to the recent  downside whipsaws, thereby producing disappointing short term returns.
I'm watching Bernanke's live testimony this morning and he's optimistic for the energy and financial sectors, so the DOW has just popped (again).  All the Spyder sector ETFs are green...with XLE (energy) and XLF (financials) leading the pack.  Just a validation of the idea that news really does move the markets.