Monday, February 25, 2013

T6 Lab Lesson 1

The T6 Lab charts provide 2 different ways of deconstructing a portfolio.
There are grey background charts and black background charts. 
Only the black charts are linked to the metrics fields.

The 2 "Variables" charts with the grey chart fields are linked to the Variables position sizing matrix with the position sizing indicated by the yellow numerals.  You can adjust these numbers (do not adjust the percentage values..they will recalculate automatically) to quickly see how different portfolio mixes affect both the 4 month and 2 year charts. These 2 charts are not linked to the Performance metrics and those values will not change if you adjust Variable sizes.
All the other black background charts, including the Flux chart, are linked together and reflect an equal weighting of the portfolio defined in the TICKERS list.  If you wanted to see the results of the portfolio with a zero position in QQQ, you can accomplish this by simply going to the Data tab and removing QQQ from the Ticker list.
Please note...If you do remove a component from the Ticker list you must fill in that space by moving a lower component into that space.  The Lab will not calculate if there is a gap in the Data tab Ticker list.