Tuesday, March 26, 2013

T2 AB Model...3.26.13

Yesterday I mentioned the opening fade trade and today was another picture perfect example, especially when viewed using the NYAD indicator.  I also received some questions regarding high frequency trading, order flow masking, etc.
Here's a link back to a series of posts I did back in 2007 (seems like yesterday) that puts the matter in better perspective...if you've got the time and inclination to pursue the matter.
For today's model view, here's an update to the AB portfolio developed earlier this year to mimic the market neutral approach of the now retired LM model.
As with all portfolios our main focus is capital preservation and drawdown minimization. 
Our credo is to never get too cocky with trending returns...the markets do change and when they do the change can be dramatic.  Always follow the risk control tools including RSQ and P6 to evaluate any new positions...you will seldom regret it.