Monday, March 4, 2013

T6 Lab...QQQ vs IWM...3.4.13

This study looks at the T6 bullish portfolio with all positions the same except QQQ vs. IWM.
Following Obama's re-election the decision was made to make IWM a T6 bullish component based on a variety of technical and fundamental research that argued for likely out performance of the IWM and XLV sectors.
At the same time most bull markets are exemplified by the co-leadership of QQQ and XLF so we want to be positioned to capture these gains if that paradigm materializes this year.
Here's a look at how the 2 variations of the bull model have performed so far:
First with IWM..above...then with QQQ.. below:
We are using a top 2 sort for our study...If you run a top 1 study you will notice an improved consistency with the IWM model.
Meanwhile XLU continues to rank #1 in both models.