Monday, March 18, 2013

T2 Default Update..3.18.13

Looking at the T2 default model reveals the continuing leadership of IWM and XLV, a pair that was identified as likely market gainers following the Obama re-election.  The IWM has  been a real workhorse in our default model ever since and the component charts in your software show both the RSQ and P6 solidly bullish at the current time.
Note the position of the SPY TrendX in the right side panel.  Keep in mind that the TrendX tracks the moving daily pivot of the SPY (and TLT below) which = (High+Low+Close/3) and gives a much better reflection of underlying strength or weakness in price versus simply looking at the closing price.

I managed to mess up my neck this weekend which has limited my time at the computer and my ability to send out the T6 Weekly Lab as promised.  It will be sent out later today with the weekly update calculated after 7 PM tonight PST.