Thursday, November 21, 2013

Back to 16,000...11.21.13

Neutral turned bullish after an early morning stall and now the DOW is back to the 16,000 benchmark.
Financials led the rally today apparently minimizing the FED fear factor of yestesday.
The markets are fickle.

Once again the TrendX showed the path of least resistance.
Some readers have asked why I bother to detail the TrendX dynamics since most are concerned with longer term investment horizons.
The answer is simple...when opening or closing positions there are intraday timing opportunities that can be taken advantage of to help sell at high points and buy at low points....why not spend the time and explore the possibilities?

Note the midday (2:17 PM EST timestamp) Vixen break to the upside, which was confirmed by the 5 minute SPY TrendX.

The freestockcharts site is all free and I use it all day long on one of my screens to keep track of the various 6 ETF portfolios.
Here's today's action on the SCHWAB no fee model.  Unfortunately. I can't download the technical templates and copy to another computer so users are left to recreate them on their own screens. 
Like I said...its free and its real time...and well worth the effort in my opinion.

In today's action the Schwab broad market based ETF SCHB actually outperformed the SPY...a behavior not seen during the past month.
What your looking at here is the SPY (shaded area chart) with line chart overlays of the SCHWAB ETFs, but you can input any stocks or other ETFs of your choosing.
Then we have a modified Coppock Curve and a 30 period linear regression line laid on top of the SPY price.
Just to help identify impending turns in the market trend a 10 period linear regression line (yellow)  has been laid on top of the Coppock Curve.
The chart below is shown on 10 minute bars but with the click of a mouse you can look at 2 minute, 30 minute, hourly, daily, weekly bars, etc.
Did I mention this was all free?