Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Changes to TrendX site....11.12.13

Technical problems prevented last night's post but after several hours of effort everything seems to be back on track. 

There have been some changes (hopefully improvements) over on the linked Mosaic TrendX and Vixen site.  A new TrendXsingle line chart derived from a Coppock Curve smooths out much of the chop and makes the emerging trend easier to see.
In 25 years of trading I had never heard of the Coppock Curve and only accidentally discovered its existence yesterday.  It's further amazing that the developer of the formula ran a company called TrendeX Research....and all this time I thought I had an original idea when I was apparently just channeling Coppock. 
Needless to say I've tweaked Coppock's formula a bit to generate the current displays.  The charts are also supplemented with a 10 period linear regression line to further help identify momentum.

Yesterday was an inside day with marginal volume and little momentum. 
Today's action at midday is decidedly bearish as can be seen in the 6 component models also tracked on the TrendX site.
I find these live charts extremely useful for monitoring daily market activity and the best part is that they are completely free.