Monday, September 29, 2014

Instability Evident...9.29.14

Last trading day of the month tomorrow so odds for a pop and into Wednesday.  Nothing guaranteed but that's the most bullish driver right now.  If all the talking heads would stop talking about the coming crash that would probably help too.
SPY-X is currently stopped out of the #1 ranked position VXX and did leave a couple bucks on the table today in opportunity costs but.....keep in mind...this is NOT a daytrading platform so we expect some lag along the path to Alpha, especially when we remember one of our prime directives
....preservation of capital.
Given today's developments it would be helpful to establish a re-entry level for stopped positions and that will be coming in a couple days.  In the meantime we'll assume a tactic of re-entering stopped positions (for tomorrow) if the closing price of the #1 ranked slot is at least 1% greater than the the calculated stop on the worksheet. Huh?   Yeah, it's confusing I know so I'll add another metrics line to the stops to clarify ...soon.