Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Markets Find a Direction....9.9.14

Early ambivalence was replaced with concerted selling into the close and per the SPY TrendX in the right side panel SPY has now rolled over off resistance and looks to be headed lower.
On M3 the XIV stop was hit early on and the dashboard rankings for tomorrow are ---------.
Even mighty Yahoo pulled back a bit but the Alibaba carrot will likely push this baby to the limits in the next 2 weeks before the IPO actually fires. (Yahoo owns 22% of BABA and will distribute at least 50% of the IPO gains to shareholders)
The cash stops for SPY, UPRO and XIV are above current prices...that's because those are the exercise levels calculated by yesterday's close.  At this point all the stops have been violated.
VEGA (below) illustrates XLE's dramatic plunge relative to the rest of the markets.