Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Key Reversal Day?...9.24.14

The day started out a bit iffy but turned solidly positive midday with virtually all sectors joining in by end of day. We've still got some work to get back to the old highs and we need to see a continuous day tomorrow for reversal confirmation.
I've modified the SPY style box a little and turned on the auto-stop feature.  There are 6 active inputs described in the "Beta" line.  The fact that the Box only displays 3 results indicates the other 3 inputs do not meet the minimum momentum requirements to fire.  The Box is really an old M6 model that's been speeded up considerably and tweaked a bit to cull the momentum laggards.
Eventually I intend to make it a fully functional long-short model but for none its just a forward looking SPY signal.