Tuesday, September 23, 2014

New Feature...SPY StyleBox.....9.23.14

Markets had another red day with little news to drive momentum.  QQQ was actually green at the M3 pre-close update at 12:45 but ultimately closed in the red.  Worse than yesterday 28 of the Dow30 finished in the red.  The 2 green stocks finished up 2 and 4 cents....not exactly inspiring.
The few intraday upswings were met with concerted selling and M3 is still happily in cash.
I've added a new feature (below)
in anticipation of a rocky 4th quarter.  It still only trades long but thanks to the growing opularity of SPY inverse related ETFs and ETNs we can now effectively play the short side of the markets by being long an inverse issue.  The 6 SPY related issues are reaally a beta spectrum from wild exuberance with the SPY to abject rejection.  I'll be posting a few nuances of the StyleBox over the next couple weeks and intend to make it a permanent part of the M3 site.