Friday, September 19, 2014

OPEX Volatility....9.19.14

BABA finally went public today...., opened up 35% and ultimately closed at 98.89 on huge volume,...... +38% for the day.
Interestingly, Yahoo sold off pretty aggressively throughout the day after booking an $8.3 gain by selling their position at the BABA open.  Sell the news I guess...a  clue to which was the fact that YHOO at the money calls actually opened down.
The markets vacillated between red and green as the session wore on and ultimately SPY closed down a few pennies...same story with XIV.
M3 is still vested and the bullish signals remain in tact...for now.
Note the VEGA chart below....XLE 's momentum appears to be shifting to the downside relative to the rest of the pack..