Monday, August 20, 2012

Situations T 3 and Stocks...8.20.12

Here's a version of T 3 using stocks....not my preferred way to invest...but short term traders may find it interesting.  I've tried to pick a strong stock in each sector along with the SPY...just for comparison.

As with any momentum approach to trading what we're looking for is shown on the shaky yellow line following HD's movement in the rankings and accompanied by a Delta Band long signal.  You can trace out the rise of BAC in a similar fashion.  Most of these surges to the top 3 slots...and that's what they are...tend to exhaust after 5 to 7 days so you don't want to dally too long.

Watching  a stock like T suddenly tumble several on 8/8/12 is a clear signal to close a long position.  I'm not going to consider the odds of going Short in these studies...most traders don't do it and IRA accounts don't allow it unless you use an inverse ETF like SH or QID to short SPY or QQQ.

Although this T 3 digression looks at stocks the same pattern recognition of how momentum rankings are changing on a daily basis will hep keep your equity curve in an upslope mode.