Friday, August 24, 2012

T 3 Update .. 8.24.12

This is a little different version of T 3.  GLD, TIP and IWM have been added.  XLY, XLK and DVY have been deleted.  We now have a clearer spectrum of the larger equity/bond momentum spread and have added the volatility of GLD (gold) and IWM (Russell 2000) to the mix.

Note the color Note-- colorized signals only for top 3 slots + TLT.. This is due to the critical role of TLT in the mix and we always want to be aware of short term changes in its momentum.

The case in point can be seen in the short term MRSI signal generated fot TLT on 8/17 and closed on 8/22.  This was a nice little gainer even though TLT was in last place in daily momentum.

The daily ranking for today's rotation will be posted here at 12:30 PST.