Monday, August 6, 2012

The Big Picture 8.6.12

Friday's rally is in a continuation mode although volume is WAY down...about 50% normal..
It's another one of THOSE days...both bonds and equities are moving in tandem suggesting there may be some short covering action driving the market. 

Above is a little chart of 6 ETFs comprising elements of a more delta neutral focused model that will be explored in the coming weeks.  Note the price behavior of QQQ versus XLK.....not all tech ETFs are created equal and tomorrow we'll see how that differential can help us enhance our portfolio returns.

The option trading subscribers are anxious to see how those instruments can be used to reap better returns...which is actually the reason for the forthcoming perspectives on the delta neutral variation of Mosaic so please bear with me.

Also in the works: an e-book about the VIXEN setup that includes the most relevant 30 posts I have previously published.