Monday, August 27, 2012

T 3 Update...8.27.12

Here's our T3 model after Friday's close.  As predicted at 12:30 PST Friday is looked like momentum was going to resolve to maintain Thursday's ranking.  which is how it played out. On Wednesday we'll look a little closer at the real time momentum ranking tool that runs in TC2000 and which produces the net rank scores.
For now we're in a hold pattern as Apple drives the Qs and TLT drives the bonds....both positive for the Situations and TAQK portfolios. We're seeing some pullback in GLD so it may slide in the near term rankings.

Below is a 2 year chart of all the T3 components and you can see how the mix has been affected by the recent shuffle of IWM , GLD and TIP.... we've added a lot more volatility. The obvious question is... XLP, XLU and XLV are down there in their own little low volatility domain...why are they even in mix?  That's a good question and there's a good answer, which we touch on Wednesday also.