Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tuesday Updates . . 8.14.12

A quick look at the base model momentum ranking shows XLK is still running strong in the face of a massive increase in Sept,  31 calls.  Yesterday XLK traded 67,000 calls by early morning. today that number is 252, with a total open interest of 142,700.

The HOLD mode continues for the TAQK as the equity curve rides between the M14 and M30 baselines.  TrendX has hit the zero line as predicted last week and the model is slightly underperforming SPY in the short term. That situation could change in a heartbeat and we're in this for the long haul so for now we hang tight.

We are getting a distinct skew developing in the share allocation adjustment but that may also change by the time we are set to rebalance around the 1st of September.  No action is currently required.

Tomorrow I'll answer some questions that have popped up, mostly about options, and also propose a common ground for pleasing as many subscribers as possible in response to the little survey that was sent out Monday.