Tuesday, August 28, 2012

TAQK... 8.28.12

The TAQK model performed well last week, yielding a better return than SPY.  The Qs still hold  #1 momentum rank, even thought TLT has been on a tear and appears to be headed even higher.  XLK, as expected, is #2, and both the Qs and XLK have been largely driven by Apple, which comprises more than 18% of the Qs.

The TrendX has turned up nicely and our equity curve is once again solidly rising versus the M14 and M30.

This weekend I'll unveil the LAZY MAN model, which is truly for the lazy investor since you only have to rebalance the portfolio once a month.....that's it.  No portfolio replacements, no fiddling around with position sizing. Just buy and hold.  We'll track it back to 07 and see how it performed in and recovered from the 08 crash.  You may be surprised to see it includes SPY.  We lose something in the overall return, but the equity curve is very attractive.