Saturday, August 18, 2012

Situations Update ...8.18.12

The Situations matrix shows what a nice little run tech and XLE have had.  The Delta Bands signaled an XLE close on the 16th EOD and from now on the color signals will be active.  I've shown that TLT did go long on the MRSI on Friday although I'm thinking that needs a bit of confirmation form AGG to get better odds.  I may replace XLY with another bond ETF to better define the bond/equity divergence.

The VIX is now well below 14, a situation I mentioned over on ETFP yesterday.

Below is the T3 model which rotates into the top 3, not the top 5 and the results are very similar.  Going forward T# will be our default model unless the skew between T5 and T# becomes noticeable and then I'll post those metrics.  The 11 ETF rankings reamin unchanged.