Wednesday, November 28, 2012

LM and TAQK Updates...11.28.12

No changes for the time being in LM and TAQK. We did get an intraday switch in the both RM models on Friday to go vested, but that was negated by the end of the day and they remain in cash for now.  The TAQK model is actually showing some attractiveness compared with LM due to the current weakness of the GLD component in LM which is causing the metrics to lag.

There are no new T2 Alerts this morning. We need a clear sign that the markets are more confident than uncertain until those signals trigger and for now all we have is optimistic comments from the Pres and Boehner that the fiscal cliff will be avoided.

As of 90 minutes in today:
After being down 100 points at the open the DOW has hit green.  We now need to see if this positive push will hold.  I'm still of the mind that Thursday, Friday and Monday offer the best odds for an end of month rally and for now there are no new Long signals. 

Friday is the monthly rebalance day for the TAQK and LM models in order to keep actual position sizing in line with the model allocation percentages