Sunday, November 25, 2012

T2 and DN Updates...11.25.12

We have no new Alerts for Monday.  Friday's surge was accomplished in a half session and 20% normal volume.  The volume looked like what a "normal" day would look like if the high frequency trading robots were turned off.
Gold is making a strong move in the rankings, followed by SPY.  The model is still in a stopped mode as technically we are still below the RSQ.  That may change on Monday if equities do follow through although they are currently solidly overbought.  We will just wait and see.
The pair models are are in an OUT mode.

Tomorrow we'll look at a new configuration of the RSQ which we've added a polynomial overlay and a moving average component to help display periods of low risk.  This newest feature will be included in the T2 software release, hopefully within the next 10 days.

The DN model is shown below....
Looking the spread of the components shows the relative weakness of QQQ is now fading while SH has dropped to the lowest slot.  This is a strongly bullish sign and if we can get QQQ into #1 slot we should have a LONG signal on QQQ.