Wednesday, November 14, 2012

TAQK, LM and T2 Updates..11.14.12

Given the current edge of your seat market conditions I'm posting updates for T2 also today, usually reserved for LM and TAQK.  As of 90 minutes in today there are clearly some strange goings on with TLT negative along with a DJ and SPY both down over .5%.
Amazingly, the VIX was also negative in early going, although iyt has now flipped to the up side by 1.5%.  We have a break (down) in the SPY TrendX (mentioned yesterday) so things could get dicey at this point.

The advance/decline line opened at 2.25 but has now eroded to .31...bear territory.  I'm still looking for that 1% day when the advance/decline line crashes to .07-.09 levels....that should be the selling washout that provides the opportunity for at least a short term rally with some legs.

There are no new Alerts this morning.  The pair matrix is currently flat all signals.

The RM versions of TAQK and LM remain in cash...which has helped preserve the previous RM gains.