Friday, November 30, 2012

T2 and VTV Updates...11.30.12

No new Alerts. Equities are technically overbought, suggesting upcoming weakness...short term at least.
For now equities are leading the charge with Qs, IWM and SPY in top 3 doesn't get more bullish than that.  FXE in #4 slot supports the bulls case.  December is historically bullish... the Santa Claus rally is a real phenomenon and December gains can be impressive...although 2008 was a disaster.
With the Poly5 upslope the current Stopped mode may cancel soon.

Per yesterday's email to subscribers... the RM versions of TAQK and LM are now vested.

Here's the update to VTV...supporting the bull's case. On the equity side of the model Qs, SPY and XIV all display Poly5 crosses of the RSQ and the XIV/VXX spread remains intact.