Friday, January 18, 2013

2 Stock Portfolios for 2013...1.18.13

For those seeking to delve into stock models using the T2 approach here are 2 sample portfolios.
The first, SA, is based on the previously posted Seeking Alpha model and is based on their considerable research and experience.
The second, WS, is based on a Reuters article that popped up yesterday and identified Wall Street projections for the top earnings companies in 2013.  They had 10 recommendations so I've added SPY as a benchmark, but it still remains part of the portfolio.
You can play around with these as you wish with the T2 software.
Try a top 1 setting and the net returns pop...but at the expense of increased risk.  Hence..and I know everyone is tired of me saying this,,,but watching the short term action around the RSQ and P6 is critical to not letting your gains slip away.
With the T2 software you can just save each model portfolio as a separate file and load and close as you choose.
Note that GE and WMT appear on both lists and that the SA model involves a bit more diversity than WS.

Today's market has just turned red at 1 hour in.  The VIX is at 13....that's low....and regular VIX traders are probably savoring the mean reversion setup that says long the VIX at 14, short at 20.  That setup worked for quite a while, but it's currently in jeopardy.
It's monthly options expiration today so expect a few gyrations along the way although volume is currently lagging and Apple's again below $500.
Monday the markets are closed but Tuesday we'll look at a T2 model using just commodities.