Thursday, January 24, 2013

VTV View Still Positive, BUT...1.24.13

Short Apple, Long Netflix...if you had that pair trade last night you are one happy trader this morning.  The talking heads are projecting AAPL at $ 425...a number Jeffrey Gundlach predicted a couple weeks ago.  We shall see.

Meanwhile, with the Dow up 96 points the VIX (which almost always reacts contrary to Dow momentum) is up 1.2 to 12.61...reflecting just how crushed the VIX has gotten over the past few sessions.

Here's the updated VTV view and yesterdays warning to take some profits now is even more urgent as the P3 and P6 on the VTV chart continue to diverge..

Tomorrow we'll run the tentative AB model through the T2 lab and look at several investment scenarios that may be implemented using your T2 tracking software without using a tactical allocation approach (variable % of capital deployed to each position).