Wednesday, January 23, 2013

LM, TAQK & AB Updates..1.23.13

It's an odd day at 1 hour int today.  Only 7 of the the Dow 30 are green, led by IBM..up almost 6%.
The rest of the markets look ready to pull back and technically the mean reversion spread is definitely stretched to normal reversal thresholds.
The VIX at 12.36 is REALLY LOW and, as mentioned before, has frustrated the 14/20 VIX band traders.
Best to hold back on volatility trades for now although the VTV model has done a great job of capturing the far.
VTV users should note that the P3/P6 signal is divergent...a cause for extreme caution and one tactic to preserve gains at this point is to close 50% of the position to lock in gains.

Here are the LM, TAQK and AB updates.  AT the end of the month TAQK will no longer be tracked...just LM and AB....providing a more diverse view of  equity/bond portfolios.