Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Cautiously Optimistic...1.21.14

A wild ride today as early bullish momentum was crushed into the noon hour with a modest recovery into the close.  Utilities, energy and the QQQs were the relative strength leaders today and SPY momentum closed slightly positive.

An astute reader pointed out that last week's short term alerts on M3 were not as displayed in the posts.  This was a mistake on my part as the posts reflected the output of a beta version of M3 that uses different parameters than the version currently held by Mosaic users.  I apologize for the error...the signals produced by the version of M3 in user hands were considerably more bearish than those posted and much more reflective of the true risk environment.
Below are tonight's correct signals for SPY and QQQ.
Finally, the VEGA model showing the various relative strengths today.....