Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Cramer's 2014 Picks...1.7.14

Jim Cramer came out with a list of stocks he expects to excel in 2014 on January 2nd.  Love him or hate him, Cramer does move the markets and has made some great calls.  These are his top picks culled from a somewhat longer list and reduced to a basket of 10 stocks plus SPY as our benchmark.

Just for fun we'll periodically track the Cramer file through 2014 to review portfolio performance using a top 1 and top 2 sort as well as how the portfolio stacks up against SPY.  You never know when you'll run across a real investment nugget....maybe this is one.

As a starting point and employing the advantage of hindsight I've included how the portfolio components fared in 2013 before their selection by Cramer.

Keep in mind these are stocks, not ETFs, so we should expect volatility to substantially exceed SPY.