Friday, January 10, 2014

XLF Model Update...1.10.14

XLF (Financial SPDR sector ETF) has been on a tear lately as the robber barons have big plans for 2014 and potential windfalls from eased constraints so going into the new year seemed like a good time to review the model we profiled last year that was created in the spirit of the X sector model only in this case we just use XLF as the benchmark and use the top 10 XLF component stocks as the model inputs.

Note that the Yahoo symbol for Bershire has changed from BRK.B to BRK-B
Also note on the 2 year equity chart below that going to cash in late April of 2012 as the P6 turned down and then re-entering in August as the P6 went upslope would have produced an additional 10 % return.