Wednesday, January 15, 2014

VIX XIV Weirdness Resumes....1.15.14

For most of the day both the VIX and its ETF inverse XIV were red....hypothetically an impossible situation.... but it happened.  meanwhile the DOW tacked on another 100 points and is likely to cross over the 16,500 line in the sand tomorrow.

Tech (QQQ) and the financials (XLF) considerably outperformed SPY can see it clearly on the Vega model below.  I've previously talked about the bullish implications when QQQ and XLF are the momentum leaders and we're clearly in that mode now...can Dow 17,000 be far away? could happen in a week if things get rolling with some hot earnings.
 M3 continues to be bullish for SPY and QQQ. is the end of the M3 update special offer.