Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A Wild Ride....08.12.15

There's a Prozac day.  After dropping like a stone to S3 within the first 90 minutes SPY began a slow climb out of the abyss to final finish the day dead on the pivot and pennies away from yesterday's close.  The $64 question is of course...what happens tomorrow?  The recovery was ostensibly the result of various talking heads claiming the drama over the devalued yaun was way overdone and that things would be fine in the longrun...or it may just have been the HFT robots playing games.  Regardless, volume was about 20% above normal and the Ergodics/ADX convergence suggests that really buying was underway. Thursday will be interesting but then we have Friday, which is hedged to the bearish side. The transports remain weak which is bearish.