Saturday, August 15, 2015

VDX Updates + Access to M3.....08.15.15

Here are the current VDX charts for SPY, XIV and XLU.  We had a pause on Friday with a mildly bullish finish although volume was well below normal.  Note that all three charts have both the VDI+ and - downslope.....a warning sign we've discussed in previous posts.
This coming week has mixed prospects according to our M3 dashboard, which is now free access for the next 6 weeks.
XLU, which is a widely regarded safety net, is extremely overbought and Treasuries (TLT) have also climbed much higher than most traders expected.
We'e coming up on September, often the worse performing month of the year...just something to factor into your investment plan,  Meanwhile, the short term trend in down.