Saturday, September 22, 2012

T 3 Update ...9.22.12

Both the MRSI and DB studies remain Long TLT...and we're up a few pennies after the initial entry Alert although we have to note that TLT is just not budging off that #11 slot...yet.

The big item of note is that XLV (Spyder Sector Health Care) has jumped to #2 slot.
XLE has fallen to #4...following a gradual decline in momentum from 9/17 to Friday's closing position (9/21).

For those keeping track, the entry rules for the T3 (top 3) system remain the same, Close the XLE position and enter XLV about 30 minutes after Monday's Open.   Keep in mind T3 performance metrics are based on holding equal dollar amounts in each three positions.  When the top 3 portfolio remains the same week after week those position values may change somewhat due to a different rate of appreciation in each of the positions.  Also, the net value of a share in each ETF will usually make it difficult to attain a true dollar for dollar position.  However, just keeping the positions as equal as possible will usually get the job done with minimal effect on total returns.

Next week we'll post some the the MRSI and DB studies in TradeStation format to get a better feel of what the odds of the trigger signals really are.