Tuesday, September 18, 2012

TAQK and LM Updates...9.18.12

First.... a notification going forward.... I will email subscribers a rebalance alert for TAQK and  LM on the day of the rebalance.  And, based on the questionable advantage that was anticipated but not experienced as a result of rescheduling the rebalance until mid month, we will revert to the original end of month rebalancing.

The currently planned rebalance schedule is 9/28, 10/31, 11/30 and 12/28 through the end of the year.

Keep in mind that the goal of rebalancing is simple...to keep the capital allocations for each component ETF at the targeted percentage.  Depending on when accounts are set up and the size of those accounts, the entry allocation amounts can be widely different, so a simple template will be emailed out on the day of the rebalance for calculating the exact number of shares in each position to be adjusted.
This process may sound complicated, but it's not.
I'll post a sample rebalance template well before 9/28 just to make sure everyone understands.

There are no new ALERTS for the T3 Situations this morning.  I had expected DB or MRSI to signal a BUY on TLT but so far the signals have not triggered.

Here are the updated TAQK and LM models as of 7:30 AM this morning: