Friday, September 21, 2012

TAQK and LM Model Updates..9.21.12

The allocation adjusted version of the LM model continues a slow rises matching the SPY, although with reduced volatility.  To date the RM (risk managed) model is doing better than the standard Mosaic model...a bit of a surprise.  What's interesting is the continued alignment of the top 3 rankings...actually all 6 of the portfolio components are holding their respective slots.  This is the area to keep an eye on as any change in market momentum will show up here quickly.
The TAQK model is under performing the LM model, largely due to the GLD component in LM. 
TAQK has a  47% presence in bonds and LM has 44%, so that differential is minimal.   

Meanwhile,  TLT has so far not budged off the weak end of the ranking scale, confounding our MRSI and DB Long signals that fired in unison on the 19th. 

Based on this morning's opening it looks highly probable that the Situations T3 choice of XLE, IWM and GLD will hold through the close.  Saturday I'll post the T3 update for Monday to confirm that the pecking order remains the same.